Spiritual Aliens : In The World Not Of The World


Have you ever wondered… What happens to a person when they become a Christian? What are some of the benefits of being a citizen of God’s kingdom? Is there really a matrix designed to deceive mankind? Why even though you pray for things they are not happening? How to gain more clarity about your role as a Christian? Spiritual Aliens: In the World Not of the World will prove to be an invaluable tool to every reader from the seasoned minister to the newly converted Christian. It impacts every part of a Christian’s life regardless of where they are spiritually. Pastor George offers cutting-edge clarification into the walk with Christ by using a unique approach that opens the mind of the reader to look beyond what they can see and feel. The reader is taken by the hand and mentally led from the tangible to the intangible, being exposed to the sci-fidepiction of aliens from outer space in order to portray the Christian life from a spiritual perspective.


SKU (ISBN): 9781597813716
ISBN10: 1597813710
George Dorton
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: July 2005
Publisher: Xulon Press

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