Dreaming The Great Brahmin


Dreaming the Great Brahmin explores how a Buddhist saint is created and recreated through narratives, poetry, art, ritual, and even dream visions. Kurtis Schaeffer offers the first comprehensive cultural and literary history of the well-known Indian Buddhist poet saint Saraha, known as the Great Brahmin. He argues that Saraha should be seen not as the founder of a tradition, but rather as its product. Images, tales, and teachings of Saraha were transmitted, transformed, and created by members of diverse Buddhist traditions in Tibet, India, Nepal, and Mongolia. The result, Schaeffer shows, is that there is not one Great Brahmin, but many. More broadly, he argues that the immense importance of saints for Buddhism is best understood by looking at the creative adaptations that perpetuated their fame. The book traces the complex history of Saraha’s most important work, a collection of tantric poetry entitled the Treasury of Doha Verses . Schaeffer shows that the poetic and philosophical literature attributed to Saraha represents centuries of transmission and adaptation by scribes, translators, commentators, and Tibetan poets. The book also includes accompanied by a full translation of the Treasury of Doha Verses and a rare Tibetan commentary-the first commentary on Saraha’s work to be translated into any Western language. Dreaming the Great Brahmin offers the most comprehensive treatment of a central Buddhist saint, poet, and philosopher, and will engage anyone interested in Buddhism.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780195173734
ISBN10: 0195173732
Kurtis Schaeffer
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: June 2005
Publisher: Oxford University Press

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