World Of The First Christians


The life and teachings of Jesus changed the world forever–but what happened after the events of the Gospels? How did Christianity grow from a small group of followers to one of the largest religious movements in human history? How did the first Christians survive in an oppressive Roman Empire? What did the early church believe, and how did they worship? The World of the First Christians: A Curious Kid’s Guide to the Early Church answers these questions and more, with colorful illustrations, charts, graphs, maps, and other infographics that will keep kids’ attention for hours and give them new insight and understanding into the early growth of the Christian faith.

Curious Kids’ Guides present cool and surprising information about Christian history and beliefs in an entertaining, visually engaging way for kids.


SKU (ISBN): 9781506460499
Marc Olson | Illustrator: Jemima Maybank
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: 2020
Curious Kids Guides
Publisher: Beaming Books – 1517 Media


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