When Bad Things Happen To Good Prophecies


For centuries, self-appointed prophets have predicted the “soon” visible return of Christ. The “end times,” “mysterious rapture,” and “Armageddon” have simply not occurred. Is the Bible misleading, misread, or misunderstood? Something is seriously wrong when Christ is reduced to a worldly superstar and the universal Church to a Plan B. People are confused and discouraged by relentless prophetic failures. Murderous clashes of ethnic diversity are the ongoing result of the false belief by many that God still loves Jacob (Israel) and still hates Esau (Arabs). Writing from a burdened, passionate heart, Reverend Bernhard Kuiper invites the reader to find answers by refocusing on the words of Christ and His finished work.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781597814553
ISBN10: 1597814555
A. Bernhard Kuiper
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: August 2005
Publisher: Xulon Press

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