The Bible has recorded many authentic walks taken by real people. Each walk was taken for a purpose in real time but also for us today to make application in our walks through events, relationships, and circumstances. The Walk chronicles eleven such walks from God’s Word. Experience the intimacy God intended as you take “The Divine Walk,” and follow Abraham as he leads the way on “A Faithful Walk.” Experience God’s power along with Moses on “A Powerful Walk,” and follow Joshua and Caleb as they guide us on “A Confident Walk.” Learn to heed God’s instructions with Joshua as he diligently directs Israel on “An Obedient Walk.” Let David and his mighty men maneuver the way on “An Heroic Walk,” and turn to the words of Psalm 23 for “A Guided Walk.” See Jesus’ model of endurance in “A Persevering Walk,” and find out what it means to be focused as Peter takes “A Focused Walk.” Discover the secret of true servanthood as Jesus prepares His disciples for their coming ministry in “A Servant’s Walk.” And, finally, walk a painful but necessary walk with Jesus to the cross in “The Finishing Walk.”


SKU (ISBN): 9781597813365
ISBN10: 1597813362
Randy Bunyard
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: June 2005
Publisher: Xulon Press

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