Sometimes The Boogeyman Is Real


Gretchen is determined to get the career as a newspaper reporter that she has worked hard for and deserves.

She feels desperate to improve her status at the paper. However, what Gretchen needs are changes in her life. In an attempt to advance in her job, she strives to achieve a highly sought-after interview with a well-known recluse. Previous efforts to see him have all failed.

Interestingly, Gretchen’s Grandmother always told her to believe in miracles. She certainly could use one, but she is not sure they exist. Frantic and despairing, she refuses to quit and resorts to measures she thought she would never use. Her actions lead her to find situations wrought with deception, betrayal, lies, conspiracy, and murder–even putting her life at risk.

Now Gretchen’s new mission is being enthralled with getting the facts. Despite many obstacles and dangers, she will not stop. Gretchen is finally on her way to being a real reporter–cherishing truth.

Amid all the intrigue and drama, Gretchen unexpectedly falls in love. Conversely, he thinks she is despicable, wants nothing to do with her, and even has her arrested.

What is Gretchen to do?

Her determination and newfound courage must see her through as she defies her obstinate boss and battles her current demons and difficult past.


SKU (ISBN): 9781954437463
ISBN10: 1954437463
J. E. Daniels
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: November 2022
Publisher: Carpenter’s Son Publishing


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