Samurai Cipher



At the end of World War II, the greatest Samurai sword of all time vanished without a trace. Rumors abound as to its whereabouts.

Some historians claim it was destroyed with the rest of Japan’s weapons. Others believe it is hidden somewhere. Theories about its location vary from intricate cave systems to monks protecting the blade in a shrine deep in the mountains.

When Sean Wyatt and his longtime friend Tommy Schultz try to help a troubled Japanese woman, they find themselves right in the thick of a power struggle between some of the most dangerous gangsters in the world.

Now Sean and company must race across Japan, unravel clues that were left decades before, and discover the true location of a blade made by the greatest sword maker of all time: Honjo Masamune.

Welcome to the IAA.

The International Archaeological Agency operates out of Atlanta, Georgia, and is focused primarily on securing and transporting artifacts. Now and then, IAA agents are required to go beyond that mission statement and venture into dangerous, uncharted waters.

The fact you’re looking at this book says you’re ready to join the adventure with the agents of the IAA, and enter a whole new world of discovery.

Ernest Dempsey blends elements from political, pulp, historical, travel, action and adventure, and conspiracy thrillers into a ripping hot, up tempo action story that will keep you pinned to the pages until you have to turn just one more. Each book represents hundreds of hours of research into history, secret societies, ancient cultures, and legends.

These stories read like Indiana Jones, the Goonies, and John Wick combined with Clive Cussler, James Rollins, Steve Berry, and Dan Brown.

Welcome aboard. Enjoy the adventure.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781944647087
ISBN10: 1944647082
Ernest Dempsey
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: April 2016
Sean Wyatt Adventure # 8
Publisher: Enclave Publishing

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