Resurrection In Your Life


1. He Is Not Here
2. Was It Not Necessary?
3. The Peace Of Certainty
4. The Parting
5. Leaving To Return
6. A New Witness
7. Like Tongs Of Fire
8. The Clock Is Ticking
9. Because Death Could Not Hold Him
10. Devoted

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Christians often spend time arguing that Jesus rose, but we forget to appreciate why it actually matters.

In the follow-up to his brilliant book on the cross, Passion, US pastor and well-known author Mike McKinley considers the revolutionary consequences for each of us of Christ’s resurrection, ascension and the sending of his Spirit.

Walk through Luke 24 and Acts 1-2 and discover how the reality that Jesus lives can and should change every aspect of our world.

Whether you’re a new or a mature Christian, let the joy, peace, confidence and purpose of the resurrection flood into your everyday life.


SKU (ISBN): 9781910307038
Mike McKinley
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2015
Publisher: The Good Book Company


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