On The Periphery Of Death


On the Periphery of Death: How I Survived Suicide and Depression without Medication or Counseling is a groundbreaking, emotionally intense, awe-inspiring book by Ta’Wand. This book is beneficial to everyone, young and old, believers and non-believers, rich and poor, for its contents transcend all color barriers, denominations, and social-economic levels. You cannot afford to miss this blessing! In the book, Ta’Wand allows you to peek inside her treacherous journey into depression that ultimately led to a suicide attempt. When everyone counted her out, God Almighty stepped in and caused her to triumph over the enemy. The book gives a raw, candid account of what leads someone into depression/suicide but then explodes when Ta’Wand decides to live and not die. It is packed with practical, applicable steps that have been tried and proven to assist anyone who is struggling with depression, knows someone who is struggling with depression, has been a victim of depression, or had loved ones who committed suicide and left them with a lot of questions but no answers. Believe me, you will never be the same after reading this book. It is truly life-changing! Ta’Wand is very excited about this ground-breaking literary work God has birthed inside her spirit. God has placed a mandate upon her to get this book to press. If the book can inspire one person then Ta’Wand’s labor will not have been in vain. She wants you to know that she loves you very much, and she appreciates your precious love, support, and powerful prayers.


SKU (ISBN): 9781597813433
ISBN10: 1597813435
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: June 2005
Publisher: Xulon Press

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