Now I See


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What is life to the full?

Our souls long for a life that is full and flourishing, but so often it feels beyond our reach. Blinded by false rewards and temporary relief, we look to sources that promise happiness and wholeness. We attempt to fill our lives with more, increasing our pace and capacity, but accumulation doesn’t ever seem to satisfy. We see the circumstantial evidence that others might have found this sort of life, but we cannot seem to experience it for ourselves.

We get it, but we don’t have it.

This book is an invitation to life to the full. Through story and metaphor, ancient wisdom and modern understanding, we are invited on a journey to understand that flourishing is not about circumstance, but about relationship. Life to the full begins when we see the person of Jesus Christ. When we see this relationship in an entirely new light, we discover a fullness deeper than we imagined.

Vision Up. Vision In. Vision Out.

Come and see.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781944470067
ISBN10: 1944470069
Zach Elliott | Rebecca Sandberg
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: July 2019
Publisher: Lightning Source Ingram

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