Missional God Missional Church


1. The Greatest Commission
2. Breaking Free … Through Discerning Inculturation
3. Breaking Free … Of The Entrapment Of Indiscriminate Enculturation
4. Greatest Co-mmission: The Missional Trinity

Part One: Discovering Shalom
5. Communities Of Christ’s Risen Presence
6. Mission Of Incarnation And Resurrection
7. Communities Of Christ’s Crucified Presence … Beautiful Scars
8. Mission About The Cross, Mission Under The Cross

Part Two: Disseminating Shalom …
9. Communities Of The Triune Missional God: Mission The Mother Of Theology, Theology The Mother Of Mission
10. Mission In Participation With The Son By The Spirit: The Spirituality Of Mission As Theosis 11. Communities Of The Spirit: Gathered And Scattered
12. Communities Of Forgiveness: Mission Of Absolution And Freedom

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Pastor, teacher and theologian Ross Hastings addresses the fear and frustration that often accompany talk about the churchs missional vocation. There is an antidote to the “locked door” syndrome that affects us now as it did that band of apostles in the upper room. Hastings directs us to the foundation of hope in the trinitarian commission of John 20 where Jesus grants them his peace by breathing on them his Spirit. He formed them into his community of shalom. Leaving that place of isolation, these “sent ones” went out to participate in Gods own ongoing mission to the world. Hastings tackles the dual challenges of isolation from and accommodation to the surrounding culture. In doing so he opens up a theological vista on the missional character of our trinitarian God and the missional identity of his church. Building on the works of David Bosch, Lesslie Newbigin, Christopher Wright and Darrell Guder, the author corrects numerous dichotomies that hinder the church. In the power of the Spirit the gathered church is spiritually transformed and also scattered as it proclaims Gods forgiveness and freedom Hastings presents here a comprehensive theology of mission. In doing so he confronts the fears and pessimism that erode our faithful effort to join in Christs mission to the world.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780830839551
ISBN10: 0830839550
Ross Hastings
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: November 2012
Publisher: InterVarsity Press

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