Marriage Pioneers : Three Timeless Strengths For Today’s Marriages


Drawing from their extensive world-wide research into what makes a successful marriage, Drs. David and Vera Mace introduce the Primary Coping System, three timeless strengths which can simultaneously bulletproof and invigorate today’s marriages. Launched against the backdrop of a world-wide economic depression and the devastations of World War II, the Primary Coping System was designed to build strengths in families through improving the relational health of the married couple. These effective strengths transcend time and their relevance is presented in interview form by Drs. Britton and Bobbye Wood. Their mentors, the Maces, founded the global organization, originally called The Association for Couples in Marriage Enrichment and now named simply Better Marriages. Derived from candid and insightful interviews with the world-famous Maces, this can be the go-to book for couples who, like these marriage pioneers, are “strongly autonomous and have the courage and resolution to go after what they want.”


SKU (ISBN): 9781949572247
ISBN10: 1949572242
Britton Wood | Bobbye Wood
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: February 2019
Publisher: CloverCroft – Carpenter’s Son Publishing


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