Lost Manuscript Of Martin Taylor Harrison


New York editor Lynda Dawn Austin expected to find a manuscript that would rock the publishing and boost her career. But the real surprise was the cowboy guiding her through canyon country to find it. When he first walks into the plush New York offices of Atlantic-Hampton Publishing Company, no one takes the eccentric stranger seriously. At least, not until he mentions the manuscript. He claims he possesses the long-lost third novel of Martin Taylor Harrison, their most successful author. But before the staff can recover from the shock, the man is killed in an accident, his copy of the novel destroyed. Atlantic-Hampton decides to let it go, unwilling to risk their reputation on what could easily prove to be a fake. Outraged, the editor determines to recover the original herself. Now if only she can find it! All she knows is that it’s hidden away in a remote cabin somewhere in the canyons of the Arizona Strip. So Lynda heads west and, with rodeo cowboy Brady Stoner as her guide, finds adventure like she’s never known: the fear, the danger, the primitive conditions. And nothing has prepared her for bronc-buster Brady.


SKU (ISBN): 9798689371177
Stephen Bly
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2020
Publisher: Spring Arbor Distributors

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