Last Chamber


Nearly seven thousand years ago, a priceless piece of history vanished in the Caucasus Mountains near Armenia.The thrilling finales of The Lost Chambers Trilogy sends former government agent, Sean Wyatt and his sidekick Tommy Schultz deep into the heart of some of the oldest mountains in the world in search of a treasure that many believed were lost to antiquity. While the two and their new friend Adriana Villa race toward their goal, they encounter deadly villains and a man with an evil plan that could wipe out most of civilization.The Last Chamber is Ernest Dempsey’s third book into the genre of thrillers and mysteries, and is one of his best sellers. This story takes the characters across the the globe on a wild adventure that, if not kept suppressed, could spell the end of civilization as we know it.Travel with Sean Wyatt as he pieces together a sequence of ancient riddles in this suspense packed thriller.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781944647001
ISBN10: 1944647007
Ernest Dempsey
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: December 2013
Sean Wyatt Adventure # 3
Publisher: Enclave Publishing

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