Just Spirituality : How Faith Practices Fuel Social Action


Introduction: Spiritual Practices As Fuel For The Soul
1. Mother Teresa: From Silence To Service
2. Dietrich Bonhoeffer: From Prayer To Discipleship
3. Watchman Nee: From Study To Evangelism
4. Martin Luther King, Jr.: From Community To Proclamation
5. Fairuz: From Worship To Freedom
6. Desmond Tutu: From Sabbath To Reconciliation
7. Oscar Romero: From Submission To Martyrdom
8. Courage, Joy And Celebration

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Throughout history, Christians have been called by God to active engagement in society on behalf of the poor and oppressed. Christian leaders have been instrumental in caring for people who are poor, fighting injustice and advocating for social change. But they have never done so on their own power. Their energy and zeal were fueled by inner spiritual practices that propelled them forward into the world. Activist and historian Mae Elise Cannon explores the direct connection between Christians’ personal relationship with God and outward actions of kindness, mercy, compassion and advocacy. She looks at how notable Christian leaders were able to face societal challenges because of the rich depths of their spiritual practices. For example: Mother Teresa’s practice of silence compelled her to service.Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s prayer life equipped his discipleship.Martin Luther King Jr.’s beloved community empowered his proclamation.Oscar Romero’s discipline of submission prepared him to face martyrdom. Biographical profiles of these and other key figures from around the world give us concrete examples of how activism and advocacy can be sustained over the long haul.

Cannon also describes modern-day activists who embody the synergy of faith and action, with practical lessons for our own lives. Find yourself spiritually transformed by these examples, and follow in their footsteps in just service to the world.


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Mae Elise Cannon
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Published: February 2013
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