Joe Biker : Healer


What happens when destiny will not be denied, a clash of destinies stands poised for battle, and the hero has squandered his birthright? Joe “Biker” Baker was a drug runner. His home was the southwest desert. When he left a dingy little biker bar, he was hearing a voice. He then watched another biker pump bullets into his chest, having no idea that his destiny was just beginning. Angels and demons appear, buildings blow up, fourteen million dollars disappear, people die, and people fall in love. Sometimes when Destiny wants us to find our places, He puts us into a big bag together and shakes it. Some are called to do great exploits, and some of these find out late in the game. Joe “Biker” is playing catch-up with his destiny, and the stakes are high.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781597814485
ISBN10: 1597814482
Wesley Stout
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: December 2004
Publisher: Xulon Press

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