Joanna A Story Of Love And Betrayal


JOANNA is a story of love and betrayal based on historic events and real people during the final year of Jesus’ earthly ministry. Stroll beside Joanna as she walks with Jesus. Experience with her the unbelievable tragedy as it unfolds. Then join in her life altering joy that follows.

Twelve men followed Jesus to become his disciples. Less well known, several women also accompanied the group and contributed financial resources toward Jesus’ ministry. The Bible includes Mary, mother of the younger James, Mary Magdalene, Susanna and Joanna.

Luke’s Gospel then revealed an explosive detail concerning Joanna’s husband. Cuza is manager of the palace of King Herod Antipas. With Jesus immediately behind John the Baptist on Herod’s short list of enemies, how could Joanna become a Jesus follower? What would have motivated this most unlikely woman to leave her family, along with the comforts of the capital city, and follow this peasant Jewish preacher?

Danger abounds as the Roman government her husband represents clashes with the humble, life-changing message of Jesus. The perils only intensify when Jesus adds a former terrorist to his disciples. Can her ability to warn Jesus of threats from Herod’s palace offset losing her own family?


SKU (ISBN): 9781946638380
ISBN10: 1946638382
Gene Weatherly
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: October 2017
Publisher: Elk Lake Publishing

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