Here In Spirit


1. The Greatest Gift
2. Culture With The Spirit
3. More Than A Force
4. Renewing All Things
5. The Spirit Of Silence
6. More Than Conviviality
7. The Great Companion
8. Discerning Promptings
9. Praying In The Spirit
10. Mission With The Wind
11. Experiencing The Power
12. The Shape Of Suffering
13. Bearing Fruit
14. The Future Of The Spirit
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Living right here in the Spirit is the source of the most meaningful, creative, satisfying life possible. If we relate to the Spirit primarily regarding the presence or absence of his miraculous gifts in our lives and in the world, we distort and limit our understanding of the third person of the Trinity. He should be known for much more. Who is the Spirit? Is he a person or a spiritual force? How are we meant to relate to him? Can we pray to the Spirit? What does being filled with the Spirit look like?These are some of the questions this book will explore. Instead of relating narrowly to the Holy Spirit, this book will broaden your engagement with him by touring often unexplored aspects of his vast character and mission.


SKU (ISBN): 9780830845446
Jonathan Dodson
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2018
Publisher: InterVarsity Press


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