Fierce Jesus : Leaning Into The Only One Strong Enough To Set Us Free


Too many people settle for relating to Jesus merely as a comfortable friend and companion, when what we all need is an untamed Savior, a fearless champion tough enough to conquer our shame and compelling enough for us to follow him without hesitation.

I finally realized my caricature of Jesus wasn’t big enough to calm my anxiety or heal my wounds or defeat the wickedness in our world. Pretending Jesus is less than He is resulted in someone I wasn’t compelled to worship. So I began a journey to discover the whole Jesus–including the seemingly rough and wild parts–revealed in the Bible. And I found Him to be bigger and better than I ever dreamed.
–Lisa Harper

Through a powerful blend of storytelling and biblical insights, Lisa Harper invites you to engage with the Jesus of the gospels, a person so provocative that no one left an encounter with Him unchanged. Pharisees fumed, paralytics turned cartwheels, and pariahs found love and acceptance.

Come meet the Jesus who is both safe and strong–and learn how this radical Redeemer can liberate you to live and love with abandon.

Includes questions for group discussion or personal reflection.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780593194409
ISBN10: 0593194403
Lisa Harper
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: July 2021
Publisher: WaterBrook


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