Emboldened : A Vision For Empowering Women In Ministry


Foreword By Scot McKnight
Introduction: A Burden For The Church

Part I: Emboldened Women
1. This Is Our Story
2. Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
3. Breaking Stereotypes
4. Overcoming Opposition
5. An Emboldened Sisterhood
6. Marriage, Family, And Singleness In Ministry

Part II: A Vision For An Emboldened Church
7. An Emboldened Mission
8. An Emboldened Imagination
9. Emboldened Colaborers
10. An Emboldened Church

Appendix: Books To Read

Additional Info
Throughout Scripture and church history, women have been central to the mission of God. But all too often women have lacked opportunities to minister fully. Many churches lack visible examples of women in ministry and leadership.

Tara Beth Leach, senior pastor of her denomination’s flagship church, issues a stirring call for a new generation of women in ministry: to teach, to preach, to shepherd, and to lead. God not only permits women to minister-he emboldens, empowers, and unleashes women to lead out of the fullness of who they are. The church cannot reach its full potential without women using their God-given gifts. Leach provides practical expertise for how women can find their place at the table, escape imposter syndrome, face opposition, mentor others, and much more.

Women who read this book will be inspired to use their gifts to edify the body of Christ and advance the kingdom of God. Men who read it will be inspired to embolden the women in their midst. When women teach, preach, lead, evangelize, pastor, and disciple, the church’s imagination expands to better reflect God’s story and hope for the world.


SKU (ISBN): 9780830845248
Tara Leach
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2017
Publisher: InterVarsity Press



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