Discovering The Mission Of God


Introduction: Discovering The Mission Of God
Mike Barnett

Part One: The Mission Of God In The Bible

1. God’s Mission

Word Of God And Mission Of God
Christopher J. H. Wright

The Missionary Message Of The New Testament
Joel F. Williams

The Supremacy Of God In Missions Through Worship
John Piper

The Kingdom Of God And His Mission
Alex Luc

God’s Great Commissions For The Nations
Jeff Lewis

2. God’s Method

Jesus Christ–the Living Word–and The Mission Of God
Bryan E. Beyer

The Heart Of The Task
Greg Turner

The Church In The Mission Of God
Preben Vang

3. God’s Power

The Power Of The Gospel
Robert L. Plummer

The Passion Of Christ And The Martyrs
Jerry Rankin

Part Two: The Mission Of God In History

4. Ancient Eras

The First Decades Of The Mission Of God
William J. Larkin

The Ante-Nicene Church On Mission
John Mark Terry

The Gospel Goes East
Greg Turner

5. Missionaries And Movements

Monastics On Mission
Karen O’Dell Bullock

Post-Reformation Missions Pioneers
R. Alton James

The Great Century
Howard Norrish

The Global Century
Mike Barnett

Part Three: The Mission Of God Today

6. The Task

The State Of The Spread Of The Gospel
Jim Haney

Finishing The Task
J. Scott Holste

Spiritual Warfare And The Mission Of God
Jerry Rankin

Apostles Even Now
Don Dent

Strategic Prayer For God’s Mission
Mike Barnett

7. Communicating The Gospel Across Cultures

Cultures And Worldviews
Stan May

Tell His Story So That All Might Worship
LaNette W. Thompson

Comprehensive Contextualization
A. Scott Moreau

Effective Bridging And Contextualization
Kevin Greeson

Back To Basics
William R. Yount

8. Through The Church

Church-Planting Movements
David Garrison

Measuring Progress In The Mission Of God
Gary R. Corwin

Breaking Bad Missiological Habits
Christopher R. Little

Multiplying Leaders On Mission With God
R. Bruce Carlton

Creative-Access Platforms
Tom Steffen

Biblical Lessons From The Persecuted Church
Nik Ripken And D. Kurt Nelson

9. Co-Laboring

Women On Mission With God
Meg Page

Caring For God’s Missionaries
Robert Edwards And Nathan Evans

The Trouble With Our Jerusalems
Ed Stetzer

The Local Church And The Mission Of God
H. Al Gilbert

Where Do You Fit In The Mission Of God?
Clyde Meador

Additional Info
“God cannot lead you on the basis of information you do not have.” –Ralph Winter

What is God’s mission in the world? For anyone passionate about discovering God’s heart for the nations, Discovering the Mission of God will reveal his plans for you. Written by 21st-century field workers, scholars and church leaders, this book weaves together the basic components of God’s global mission and challenges readers to identify where they fit in the mission of God.

Discovering the Mission of God explores the mission of God as presented in the Bible, expressed throughout church history and in cutting-edge best practices being used around the world today. Drawing from a new generation of scholar-practitioners, this comprehensive reader provides global perspective, recent missiological research, case studies, recommended further readings and relevant discussion questions at the end of each chapter.

Contributors include

*Bryan E. Beyer Karen O’Dell Bullock R. Bruce Carlton Gary R. Corwin Don Dent Robert Edwards Nathan Evans David Garrison H. Al Gilbert Kevin Greeson Jim Haney J. Scott Holste R. Alton James Patrick Lai William J. Larkin Christopher R. Little Alex Luc Stan May Clyde Meador A. Scott Moreau D. Kurt Nelson Howard Norrish Meg Page John Piper Robert L. Plummer Jerry Rankin Nik Ripken Tom Steffen Ed Stetzer John Mark Terry LaNette W. Thompson Greg Turner Preben Vang Joel. F. Williams Christopher J. H. Wright William R. Yount

Discovering the Mission of God is an indispensable resource for anyone wanting a better picture of what God is doing in the world and how to find one’s place in God’s global plan.


SKU (ISBN): 9780830856350
Editor: Mike Barnett | Editor: Robin Martin
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2012
Publisher: InterVarsity Press


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