Creativity And Divine Surprise


Become a co-creator with God! Find new points of grace as you gain insights about yourself and about God. Deepen your spirituality as you tap into your own God-given gift. Prepare to have your senses finetuned to the Holy in all things.

Creativity is usually defined in the most narrow of ways and associated only with artists or children.

“Creativity is so much more than art making,” writes Kincannon. “It’s a tool for navigating through everyday experiences to find the sacred in each God-given moment. Those who believe they lack creativity have relegated it to remote regions of their life, burying it under the need for security, approval, and control. However, … creativity does not die; it simply waits to be unearthed and set free.”

Creativity and Divine Surprise couples insightful meditations with thoughtful exercises that will help you celebrate your divine spark and connect with God.

Can’t draw a straight line? Colorblind? No worries! If you yearn for God and desire greater awareness of God’s presence in life, you’re ready for this book. Through Kincannon’s words, you’ll see creativity as a source of revelation, joy, healing, and fulfillment, and we all need those things.

Ready to dance, draw, paint, take pictures – masterpieces or not?! Let the Creator work in you through your creativity, so that you become God’s masterpiece


SKU (ISBN): 9780835898126
Karla Kincannon
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2005
Publisher: Upper Room Ministries

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