Blessed Are The Unsatisfied


Introduction: I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For
1. Jesus Doesn’t Want You To Be Satisfied . . . Yet
The Blessing Of Need
2. Sustainable Faith Is Unsatisfied
The Blessing Of Perspective
3. Curses And Blessings
The Blessing Of God’s Heartbeat
4. How To Live The Unsatisfied Life
The Blessing Of Focus
5. Enjoy A Meaningful Life
The Blessing Of Company
6. Look For Fulfillment
The Blessing Of Growth
7. Appreciate The Gift Of Pleasure
The Blessing Of Vision
8. Embrace Contentment
The Blessing Of Anticipation
9. Satisfaction Is Coming
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We know that our material comforts and temporal accomplishments are not enough to fully satisfy us. Momentary pleasures, whether of pure or darker motivations, are fleeting at best. But Christians often hear the idea that following Jesus means that we should be living a life of full satisfaction. How many of us actually experience that kind of life?

Amy Simpson wants to debunk this satisfaction myth in the church. After forty years of walking with Jesus, she writes, “I am deeply unsatisfied not only with my ability to reflect Jesus, but also with the very quality of my intimacy with him. I strongly suspect that the abyss of my nature has not been entirely satisfied by Jesus.”

Hers is a freeing confession for us all. Simpson explains that our very unsatisfaction indicates a longing for God, and understanding those longings can bring us closer to relationship with him. And that is where true spiritual health and vitality reside. Read on to discover anew what it truly means to be satisfied in Christ.


SKU (ISBN): 9780830844975
Amy Simpson
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2018
Publisher: InterVarsity Press



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