Adoptive Church : Creating An Environment Where Emerging Generations Belong


Teens and emerging adults don’t feel at home in the church because they are not fully included in the church body. How can congregations nurture young adults, welcome them as siblings into God’s household, and empower them to become fully embedded contributors within and to their faith community?

Integrating the latest research on adolescent faith and young adult ministry for the local church, this book presents a new way of thinking about youth ministry. Chap Clark makes the principles found in Sticky Faith, Growing Young, and Hurt 2.0 highly practical for today’s youth leaders, showing how they can implement a sustainable youth ministry program in a local church akin to Purpose-Driven Youth Ministry. Clark presents the adoptive youth ministry model as a way to help congregations see youth ministry as a bridge to inclusion, participation, and contribution in the body of Christ. His comprehensive plan for designing and implementing youth ministry shows churches how to intentionally welcome young people and create an environment where they belong.


SKU (ISBN): 9780801098925
Chap Clark
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2018
Publisher: Baker Academic



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