You Say What Lord


In 1973 David and Gwen Bibber Kimball faced a vocational crossroads. As David concluded his ministry in Minnesota, he knew in his heart he was ready for a different assignment, but the nature of that new role had not yet been revealed.

One night he opened his Bible, seemingly at random, to Hebrews 11; at the other end of the house, his wife, Gwen, opened her Bible to Genesis 12. Separately both read the story of Abraham, who folded his tent and started his journey of faith into the desert.

When the Kimball’s compared notes the next morning, they realized the Lord had led them both to the same message from two different passages at opposite ends of the Bible. The message was unmistakable: Trust in the Lord, and all things will be provided.

Unlike Abraham’s journey, the Lord did not lead the Kimball’s into the desert. Instead their journey took them to the coast of Maine, where they lived in a “pop-up” trailer for three months, and to the Cape Cod area, where the Lord led David to start The Community Chaplain Service, a ministry to residents of all persuasions living in nursing and retirement homes. Throughout this journey, the Lord sent special angels to help the Kimball’s on their way. Their story told in “You Say What, Lord?” a journey into trust, is a lesson in priorities. When one trusts in the Lord, the Lord provides all things necessary for life. When one lives in trust, one also lives in faith, and faith calls for discipleship. The Community Chaplain Service is an expression of the care and concern of a growing number of Christians for the thousands living in nursing homes in the United States and Canada.


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Gwen Bibber-Kimball
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Published: July 2010
Publisher: Advantage Books

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