You And Me Mom


A Compendium Title

The love between mother and child is both tender and everlasting. It continues to grow richer as the two of you grow together. Capture the moments, memories, and heartfelt messages between you both in this heartwarming book, filled with reflective prompts for each of you to answer.

Your prompts include:
When I was little, I loved it when you…

One way you and I are alike… And a way we are different…

Prompts for Mom include:
When you were little, I loved when we…

I love that we share this in common… And I’m in awe how differently you…

Whether you choose to complete this book side by side or miles apart, you’ll have a lasting keepsake to share forever.

Features debossing on a Wibalin cover.


SKU (ISBN): 9781946873828
Miriam Hathaway | Illustrator: Heidi Dyer
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: 2020
Publisher: APG Sales and Distribution


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