Yellow Bundle For The Repeat Buyer


Designed for instructors and students who have already used Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind (Purple, Red, or Blue workbooks) in previous years, and who thus already have the Core Instructor Text, Grammar Guidebook, and Diagramming Dictionary, this bundle includes only what you’ll need to continue grammar instruction for another year: the Yellow Workbook and Key.

The Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind series provides all the grammar skills needed to write and speak with eloquence and confidence. Start with any of the four Workbooks and Keys: Blue, Purple, Red, or Yellow. Each Workbook reviews the same grammar concepts with the same examples, but with brand-new exercises that allow students to practice and apply the grammar principles under study. Examples are based on great works of literature, as well as classic and contemporary works of science and history.

Step-by-step instruction takes students from the most basic concepts through advanced grammatical concepts. Extensive diagramming exercises reinforce the rules and help technical and visual learners to understand and use the English language effectively. Each step of the diagramming process is illustrated and thoroughly explained to the student. Text for examples and exercises is drawn from actual published works, from English literature classics to modern masters. Learn your grammar from the greats! Regular review is built into each year of work. The Yellow Key provides answers, as well as detailed explanations, for every student exercise.

Use alongside the Core Instructor Text for a full year (and beyond!) of grammar study.


SKU (ISBN): 9781945841798
Audrey Anderson | Susan Bauer | Jessica Otto
Binding: Boxed Set
Published: 2022
Grammar For The Well Trained Mind
Publisher: Well Trained Mind Press, Inc.



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