Weighed Down : A Love Story Worth Lifting Up


Avery thinks her weight keeps her from close relationships, but as she works with a Life Coach, she’s forced to face the ghosts of her past. The life she’s built is based on more than what she thought. Trying to lose weight sucks. Being single is worse. Avery has been overweight her whole life. It doesn’t matter what she’s good at. Doesn’t matter the successes she has. Every event, every major moment has been marred by obesity. Avery’s tired of losing battles, but who does she go to for help? Enter Life Coach Stan. He’s going to force her to face fears keeping her weighed down, and she’s going to find there’s more going for her than her weight. If she’s willing to release her past. But that’s harder than she realizes; and with God against her, is it even possible?

The demon she’s wrestling isn’t obesity because negative self-image is more than skin deep. Can she be freed from the chains of addiction? Rise above the lies impugned by society? Can she accept that only God loves completely?


SKU (ISBN): 9781944430818
ISBN10: 1944430814
Laurie Boulden
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: October 2016
Publisher: Elk Lake Publishing

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