Valvokaa Ja Rukoilka – (Other Language)


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Chapter 1. Ask, Seek, And Knock
Chapter 2. Believe That You Have Received Them
Chapter 3. The Kind Of Prayer With Which God Is Pleased
Chapter 4. That You May Not Enter Into Temptation
Chapter 5. The Prayer Of A Righteous Man
Chapter 6. If Two Of You Agree On Earth
Chapter 7. You Must Pray And Not Lose Heart

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“Prayer is not only our spiritual breath but a channel of dialogue between God and His children, which must always remain open.”

Our almighty God is a caring Father who knows and understands us the best, pays closest attention to us at all times, and desires for us to speak to Him time and again.
For all believers, therefore, prayer is a key to knock and unlock the door to the heart of the almighty God and a weapon that transcends time and space. We can see and hear of countless Christians whose lives have been transformed and the direction of world history’s having been altered because of powerful prayer.
As we humbly ask for the aid of the Holy Spirit when we pray, God will fill us with the Holy Spirit, allow us to more lucidly understand His will and live by it, and enable us to defeat the enemy devil and be victorious in this world.


SKU (ISBN): 9791126302192
Language: Finnish
Jaerock Lee
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2018
Publisher: Urim Books USA

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