Understanding Your Teen


How To Use This Book

Part One: Parenting Teens To Become Responsible Adults
1. Understanding Your Teenager
2. Learning The Developmental Stages Of Adolescence
3. Shaping Behavior Without Crushing Character
4. Energizing Your Teen’s Spiritual Life
5. Creating A Media-Safe Home
6. Teaching Healthy Sexuality
7. Ending The Homework Hassle While Preparing For College
8. Keeping The Communication Lines Open
9. The Changing Culture
10. Your Marriage As You Raise Your Teen
11. Dealing With A Troubled Teen

Part Two: Common Teen Issues And What Parents Can Do
12. Bullying And Cyberbullying
13. Tragedy
14. Dating Violence
15. Depression
16. Dinnertime
17. Driving
18. Drug And Alcohol Use And Abuse
19. Eating Disorders
20. Overweight And Obesity
21. Self-Injury
22. Sexual Abuse
23. Sleep
24. Suicide

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Additional Info
Parenting teenagers is one of the biggest challenges parents face. New realities make becoming independent more difficult. Teens are traveling a different road and are moving at a different pace than those of previous generations. Today’s cultural environment is more complicated and confusing than ever.

But fear not! Family expert Jim Burns provides a handy guide for parenting teens. For teens to become responsible adults, parents need to help them grow through developmental changes to attain a healthy self-identity, establish good relationships, make wise decisions, and grow in their relationship with God. Burns shows how parents can shape behavior and character, navigate social media challenges, and communicate and resolve conflict healthily. He also tackles the realities of our day, including cyberbullying, dating violence, self-injury, depression, and much more.

Whether you’re facing serious troubles or need simple tips for a better family life, this book offers help and hope.


SKU (ISBN): 9780830844876
Jim Burns
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2017
Publisher: InterVarsity Press



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