Understanding And Loving Your Child In A Screen Saturated World


Twenty-first-century how-to advice for parents who want to protect children from the woes of technology, from bestselling author and host of New Life Live!, the nation’s top Christian call-in counseling show.

Today’s parents face a challenge unknown to previous generations.

Screens are everywhere we look now. Your child may wake up to the morning news on TV. When he goes to school, he may work all day on his laptop–or even a government-issued tablet. In the evening, he may play a game on his tablet, text his friends on his smartphone, or watch a movie with the family–maybe even all three at once! Your child’s 24/7 access to screens connects him to a universe of content…some good, and some deeply damaging.

How is a parent supposed to raise a physically and emotionally healthy, socially competent, well-balanced child in such an environment? Stephen Arterburn teams with Dr. Alice Benton to answer the most common questions raised on the syndicated New Life Live! radio program. They help you understand:

-How to set a good example by better monitoring and limiting your own screen time

-Why flexibility is important

-What to do if you and your spouse have different expectations about your child’s screen time

-How to teach your child the basics of good digital citizenship

-How your child can pursue an interesting and fulfilling life in the real world, and

-How to spot the signs of screen addiction and help your child recover.

Parenting has never been easy, and in the twenty-first century it’s harder than ever. But with the solid scriptural principles found in this book, you can develop a game plan that will help you and your child succeed.


SKU (ISBN): 9781684511570
ISBN10: 1684511577
Stephen Arterburn | Alice Benton
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: August 2023
Publisher: Salem Books


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