Teaching Across Cultures


Foreword By Duane H. Elmer
1. Metaphors Of Teaching
2. The Rail Fence As A Crosscultural Model For Teaching
3. Adapting Our Colored Glasses
4. Teaching Complex Creatures
5. Teaching And Context
6. Teaching And Cultural Values
7. Teaching Aims Across Cultures
8. Cultural Influences On Teaching Aims
9. Teaching Through Struggle
10. Harmony Through The Rail-Fence Model
11. Examples Of Pilgrim Teaching
12. Improving Teaching Through Evaluation
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In our globalized world, ideas are constantly being exchanged between people of different cultural backgrounds. But educators often struggle to adapt to the contexts of diverse learners. Some focus so much on content delivery that they overlook crosscultural barriers to effective teaching.

Educator and missiologist James Plueddemann offers field-tested insights for teaching across cultural differences. He unpacks how different cultural dynamics may inhibit learning and offers a framework for integrating conceptual ideas into practical experience. He provides a model of teaching as pilgrimage, where the aim is not merely the mastery of information but the use of knowledge to foster the development of the pilgrim learner.

Plueddemann’s crosscultural experience shows how teachers can make connections between content and context, bridging truth and life. Those who teach in educational institutions, mission organizations, churches, and other ministries will find insights here for transformational crosscultural learning.


SKU (ISBN): 9780830852215
James Plueddemann
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2018
Publisher: InterVarsity Press


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