Tame Your Fears


12 Chapters

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Christian women don’t struggle with fear or do they?
Nearly all of us can remember lying in bed as a child, eyes wide open, listening for those ominous sounds in the night. While most of us have left such childhood fears behind as we’ve grown up, we’ve not become strangers to fear itself. What’s happened is that hour fears have matured with us, finding fertile soil in the things we hold dear.
In Tame Your Fears, Carol Kent examines ten fears common to most women and suggest ways to overcome such fears by using them as stepping stones to deeper faith, renewed confidence, and sincere reverence for a powerful and loving God.
So if you’ve grown tired of being victimized by fear, let Carol Kent show you how to tame your fears and move toward a more productive and satisfying future.


SKU (ISBN): 9781576833599
Carol Kent
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2003
Publisher: NavPress


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