Tabernacle (DVD)


This new The Tabernacle DVD is a fantastic 6-session video-based study on the biblical Tabernacle, and is perfect for your personal study, church small group, or Sunday school class. Learn more about this movable tent of meeting in the wilderness of Sinai where God dwelled with his people.

Using the popular Tabernacle Experience(R) replica of the Tabernacle of Moses, this easy-to-teach study presents an expert-guided tour and explanation of each part. As you walk through this life-size model of the Old Testament Tabernacle, you will work your way from the Outer Courtyard into the Most Holy Place. Your teacher Shawn Barnard explains the significance and symbolism of each section of the Tabernacle.


SKU (ISBN): 9781596366381
Shawn Barnard
Binding: Video DVD
Published: 2013
Publisher: Rose Publishing


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