Sojourners Truth : Choosing Freedom And Courage In A Divided World



Part I: Formation
1. Pain: Truth Is, Your Identity Can Get You Into Hot Water
2. Grace: Truth Is, Women Are The Unsung Heroes In This World
3. Community: Truth Is, There Is No Place Like Home
4. Purpose: Truth Is, Winners Don’t Quit On Themselves

Part II: History
5. Consciousness: Truth Is, It’s Time To Wake Up
6. Deliverance: Truth Is, Freedom Comes To Those Who Demand It
7. Trust: Truth Is, We Have A Money Problem

Part III: Wilderness
8. Anger: Truth Is, There’s Something That Can Kill You
9. Death: Truth Is, Remembering Can Bring Us Together
10. Humility: Truth Is, There Is Hope Worth Holding On To
11. War: Truth Is, We Must Prepare To Fight

Part IV: Redemption
12. Live: Truth Is, We Can Find A Way Out Of The Wilderness
13. Build: Truth Is, You Need The Right People And The Right Perspective
14. Heal: Truth Is, Love Will Lead Us Home
15. Light: Truth Is, Beauty Can Come From Ashes
16. Home: Truth Is, We Need Courage To Live Redeemed

Additional Info
In A Sojourner’s Truth we are drawn into the journey of a young African American girl from South Carolina to the United States Naval Academy and then into a calling as a speaker, mentor, writer, and teacher.

Intertwined with Natasha Sistrunk Robinson’s story is the story of Moses, a leader who was born into a marginalized people group, resisted injustices of Pharaoh, denied the power of Egypt, and trusted God even when he did not fully understand or know where he was going. Along the way we courageously explore the spiritual and physical tensions of truth-telling, character and leadership development, and bridge building across racial/ethnic, socioeconomic, and gender lines.

You are invited to bring along your story as well-to discover your own identity, explore your truth-revealing moments, live unafraid, and gain a deeper sense of purpose.


SKU (ISBN): 9780830845521
Natasha Robinson
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2018
Publisher: InterVarsity Press


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