Secret Heart


Truth is messy. But will their shared secret destroy his political career-or sabotage their marriage? After a whirlwind romance, beautiful Shawna Moore marries Hunter Wilson, the governor of Tennessee. Now, she wonders if the governor ever loved her or only hoped to avoid a scandal. In this modern re-imagining of the biblical story of Bathsheba and King David, an investigative reporter is asking questions-the wedding took place only six weeks following the death of Shawna’s first husband in Iraq. If he discovers the truth about Shawna’s baby, Hunter’s chances for reelection, as well as Shawna’s reputation, will be ruined. But keeping their secret is destroying their marriage. Will Hunter’s choice mean the end of his political career or his family?


SKU (ISBN): 9781944120061
ISBN10: 1944120068
Marie Coutu
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: January 2017
Mended Vessels # 3
Publisher: Write Integrity Press

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