Romans 13:1-14 : Life In Two Kingdoms


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Christians have been brought, by faith in Christ, into the kingdom of God, but they are still citizens of an earthly kingdom. How does life in one kingdom connect with life in the other? Does obedience to God somehow exempt Christians from obedience to earthly rulers? And what of the vexed question of the relationship of the relationship of church and state?

Insisting that these questions have been of more than theoretical interest throughout church history and remain so today, Dr. Lloyd-Jones examines the function of government, the Christian’s attitude to war and revolution, the lordship of Christ over church and state, the Christian’s relationship to the law of God, the meaning of loving one’s neighbour, and many related topics.

All these matters are viewed in the light of the transience of earthly life and the coming of Christ in judgment. The heavenly perspective presented here is calculated to correct over-anxiety about the kingdoms of this world and to promote readiness for the ‘day’ that has yet to dawn.


SKU (ISBN): 9780851518244
Martyn Lloyd-Jones
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: 2003
Expositions Of The Epistle To The Romans # 13
Publisher: Banner Of Truth


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