Road To Emmaus


One of the books God gifted me with the recognition of earning the Jaime Cardinal Sin Best Book Award in Spirituality is “THE ROAD TO EMMAUS.” This book captured the events, right after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, when two of his disciples were walking back towards Emmaus. I researched many written works about this particular event on the road to Emmaus. I found out that numerous books and journals have been published and renowned speakers gave talks about it. Yet, none captures the powerful dialogue that took place between Jesus and the two disciples. As a writer, I can only dream of witnessing and hearing the exchange of words that passed between them. As a faithful follower, I yearn to be part of that group that walked towards Emmaus. What did they talk about? What could have I learned? Could it have changed who I am today? And then it happened. It was as if the Lord wanted me to make the walk with Him. I was along the road to Emmaus with Cleopas, and the other disciple when Jesus approached us. I was in awe seeing them. I listened as they talked. Their exchanges centered on a lot of things, how Jesus missed his friends, the painful beatings, the suffering of Mama Mary seeing her bear all the beatings, as she walk beside him as he falls several times with the heavy cross. Finally, seeing how his mother cried as they nailed him on the cross. Still, i did not hear any mention of why the Son of God had to suffer and die. As if reading my thoughts the Lord touched my shoulder, “What are you thinking about Rudy, you’ve been silent?” I did not know what to do. Her i am face to face with the Savior; did i have any right to speak at all? I looked at his eyes… as if urging me to speak… then softly I asked, “Why did you have to suffer and die?” … Hear Jesus as your mind translates what you are reading to the sound of his voice. It is a different experience, an adventure of a lifetime, and more!


SKU (ISBN): 9789710040858
Rodolfo DeGuzman Ibanez
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2017
Publisher: St Pauls / Alba House

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