Rescuing The Gospel From The Cowboys


In Memoriam
1. The Creator’s Presence Among Native People
2. The Colonization, Evangelization And Assimilation Of First Nations People
3. Sweating With Jesus: Stories Of The Native Experience
4. A View From The Hill: Emerging Native Expressions Of The Jesus Way
5. From Colonization To Contextualization
6. Looking Down The Road: The Future Of The Native Church
Editor’s Tribute To Richard Twiss
Appendix A: Final Words On Indigenous Education And Theology
Appendix B: What Should We Call You?
Appendix C: Boarding Schools

Additional Info
The gospel of Jesus has not always been good news for Native Americans. The history of North America is marred by atrocities committed against Native peoples. Indigenous cultures were erased in the name of Christianity. As a result, to this day few Native Americans are followers of Jesus. However, despite the far-reaching effects of colonialism, some Natives have forged culturally authentic ways to follow the way of Jesus. In his final work, Richard Twiss provides a contextualized Indigenous expression of the Christian faith among the Native communities of North America. He surveys the painful, complicated history of Christian missions among Indigenous peoples and chronicles more hopeful visions of culturally contextual Native Christian faith. For Twiss, contextualization is not merely a formula or evangelistic strategy, but rather a relational process of theological and cultural reflection within a local community. Native leaders reframe the gospel narrative in light of post-colonization, reincorporating traditional practices and rituals while critiquing and correcting the assumptions of American Christian mythologies. Twiss gives voice to the stories of Native followers of Jesus, with perspectives on theology and spirituality and concrete models for intercultural ministry. Future generations of Native followers of Jesus, and those working crossculturally with them, will be indebted to this work.


SKU (ISBN): 9780830844234
Richard Twiss
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2015
Publisher: InterVarsity Press


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