Rescue Of Charles De Simpson


It is the spring of 1348, at the start of the 100 Year’s War, just months before the Black Death spreads across Europe and William de Simpson finds himself “twice” orphaned. His father’s death in the Battle of Neville’s Cross was followed closely by the loss of his mother. Adopted by his childless uncle Charles, named his heir and thrust into the world of titles, lieges, Lords, Ladies and court intrigue, William now discovers this last living relative has been captured in France.With no means to pay the demanded ransom, William and his aging Tutor, Robert, set out from England, across the channel, and into French territory, in an effort to free Uncle Charles. It soon becomes apparent there are powers at work beyond just bad luck and ill fate, which may even have designs on the Throne of England itself.Can William withstand the ever growing challenges while mastering the life lessons they present? The fate of his uncle and the safety of the Crown may depend on it.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781595557353
ISBN10: 1595557350
J S Witte
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: November 2018
Dorchester Chronicles # 1
Publisher: Elm Hill – A Division of HarperCollins Christian P

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