Pitt Minion Reference Edition Bible 2nd Edition


A combination of skilled design and the use of a remarkably compact typeface lead to acclaim for the Pitt Minion format in achieving the difficult feat of being both easy to carry and easy to read. The first Pitt Minions were only available in the King James Version but in recent years Cambridge has developed the original concept by creating new Pitt Minion Bibles in a range of modern translations. These are produced using a special digital font which has similar characteristics of compactness and readability to the original typeface.

Now, the KJV Pitt Minion Edition has been freshly typeset using this modern font and current layout, which presents the text in paragraph format. The Bible text is supported by a Reader’s Companion (a cross between a concordance and a dictionary) and 15 newly designed color maps. Even with these additions, the Bibles are still only one inch in thickness.


SKU (ISBN): 9781107654525
Translation: King James Version
Language: English
Color: Brown
Binding: Goatskin
Font size: 7
Presentation Bible
Published: 2013
Publisher: Cambridge University Press


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