Pirates Dont Go To Kindergarten


Yo, ho, ho! It’s a mutiny against kindergarten!

Pirate Emma is about to start kindergarten! But Emma’s not so sure she’s ready for a new captain and crew. Especially since Cap’n Chu-the roughest, toughest, awesomest preschool cap’n ever-is right down the hall. So Emma decides to head back to the preschool ship to see if she can stir up a mutiny against kindergarten! Is that what she really wants? Or does she just miss her beloved Cap’n Chu? Batten down the hatches, mateys, because the first day of school is going to be stormy!


SKU (ISBN): 9781542092753
Lisa Robinson | Illustrator: Eda Kaban
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: 2019
Publisher: Brilliance Publishing


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