Outside Of Eden 1


OUTSIDE OF EDEN: Part One is an aspect of God’s Love story. This is a great resource for ministry in pastoral care and counseling and healing, restoration, and transformation. The discourse examines the process and application of the Love of God in the African American Pentecostal Church, specifically toward those who have transgressed church dogma and Biblical instruction. Psychological crucifixion, “the process” of propelling pregnant teens before the church to express penitence while the impregnator remains seated, is cross-examined. Church dogma, spirituality, sexuality, genderism, penitence, forgiveness, and Christian and secular education are engaged while examining “the process.” Statistics reveal that transgressors often become repeat offenders; therefore, spiritual nourishment is essential. This discourse is brimming with information for seminarians, parents/guardians, youth, parishioners, and church leaders. Prayerfully, persons whose soul-state saunters or who have a zeal to help those who are Outside of Eden will also find this discourse resourceful.


SKU (ISBN): 9781597810401
ISBN10: 1597810401
Fannie Buchanan-Featherstone
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: June 2005
Publisher: Xulon Press

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