Niebo II – (Other Language)



Chapter 1 New Jerusalem: Filled With God’s Glory
In New Jerusalem Is God’s Throne
The Summit Of The Spiritual Realm
The Bride Of The Lamb
Shiny As Bright Jewels And Clear As Crystal

Chapter 2 Names Of The Twelve Tribes And Twelve Apostles
Twelve Angels Guard The Gates
Names Of The Twelve Tribes Of Israel Inscribed On The Twelve Gates
Names Of The Twelve Disciples Inscribed On The Twelve Foundations

Chapter 3 The Size Of New Jerusalem

Measured By Golden Reed
A Cube-shaped New Jerusalem
The Spiritual Meaning Of 6,000 Ri

Chapter 4 Made Of Pure Gold And Jewels Of All Colors
Adorned With Pure Gold And All Kinds Of Jewels
The Walls Of New Jerusalem Made Of Jasper
Made Of Pure Gold Like Clear Glass

Chapter 5 The Significance Of The Twelve Foundations
Jasper: Spiritual Faith
Sapphire: Uprightness And Integrity
Chalcedony: Innocence And Sacrificial Love
Emerald: Righteousness And Cleanliness
Sardonyx: Spiritual Faithfulness
Sardius: Passionate Love
Chrysolite: Mercy
Beryl: Patience
Topaz: Goodness
Chrysoprase: Self-control
Jacinth: Purity And Holiness
Amethyst: Beauty And Meekness

Chapter 6 The Twelve Pearl Gates And The Golden Road
The Twelve Pearl Gates
Streets Made Of Pure Gold

Chapter 7 The Charming Spectacle
No Need For The Sunshine Or The Moonlight
The Rapture Of New Jerusalem
Forever With The Lord Our Groom
The Glory Of New Jerusalem Residents

Chapter 8 “I Saw The Holy City, New Jerusalem”
Heavenly Houses Of Unimaginable Sizes
A Magnificent Castle With Complete Privacy
Sightseeing Spots Of Heaven

Chapter 9 The First Banquet In New Jerusalem
The First Banquet In New Jerusalem
Prophets In The First-ranked Group In Heaven
Beautiful Women In The Sight Of God
Mary Magdalene Staying Close To God’s Throne

Additional Info
In the center of the huge kingdom of heaven is the Holy City of New Jerusalem as shining as a precious stone. There we can fly in the air riding on an automobile of clouds like Enoch did and abide with the Lord forever. We will dwell in a magnificent and gorgeous house made of gold and all kinds of jewels and be served by angels, and there we will reign with the Lord. This book makes the readers become curious of the life in the city of New Jerusalem, the most beautiful place in Heaven.


SKU (ISBN): 9791126302673
Language: Polish
Jaerock Lee
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2018
Publisher: Urim Books USA

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