Marriage In An iWorld


The iWorld view has wreaked havoc on the stability and longevity of marriages

By adding a simple i before his products Steve Jobs summarized what seems to be the central obsession of the modern Western psyche. Because of our obsession with self, we have managed to turn something as basic and central to our lives as marriage into something divisive and controversial.

The simple complementary nature of this union between a man and woman has come under attack as a result of this pervasive worldview that places the individual at the center.

We must address the problem at its core
The obsession with autonomy
The iWorld philosophy has also caused many well-meaning Christians to buy into its values, and scripture is often reinterpreted through its lens.

Can we reverse this trend and restore the ideal of marriage to God’s good and original intent?
Pastor David McClain thinks so. His years of research and counseling married Christian couples dispels the notion that the pursuit of individual fulfillment is the path to a flourishing marriage, but it is the belief that God designed the marriage covenant for the good for those He chooses to join together as one flesh.


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David McClain
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: July 2018
Publisher: Outreach Publishing

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