Marital Mystery Tour


WHAT WOULD YOU DO if a mysterious stranger showed up at your door and said that you and your spouse have inherited a magnificent estate from a fabulously rich relative, and he wants to take you there the following morning? The Marital Mystery Tour guides you and your mate through the vast riches lying beyond the entrance to this estate called “Your Marriage.” Along the way, you catch glimpses of yourselves from each other’s point of view-presented in each chapter as “Ladies First” followed by “And Gentlemen.” And your host, the unflappable Mr. Michaels, presents you with keys to five areas of married life: . Comradeship (What can you do to build a vital friendship with your mate?) . Commitment (How can you close all the “back doors” in your marriage?) . Communication (What will help you “close the loop” and understand each other?) . Completeness (What will enhance your oneness spiritually, emotionally, and sexually?) . Consecration (How can you set apart your relationship as holy?) With humor, biblical wisdom, and candor regarding their own human imperfections, Alan and Pauly Heller share the secrets to a vibrant marriage.


SKU (ISBN): 9780979662003
ISBN10: 0979662001
Alan Heller | Pauly Heller
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: June 2007
Publisher: Selah Publishing Group

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