Lifecycles 2 : Jewish Women On Biblical Themes In Contemporary Life


Recent years have seen an explosion of interest in spirituality and religious texts, as well as an exciting expansion of women’s participation and leadership in Jewish life. This unique three-volume collaboration brings together women writers, rabbis, and scholars to create the first comprehensive work on Jewish lifecycle that fully includes women’s perspectives.
Lifecycles, V. 2 explores the impact that biblical texts have on our lives-and the impact our lives have on those texts. It delves into the human themes found both in the first five books of the Bible, and in women’s lives today, themes of:
* Genesis-Our roots and beginnings, family and home
* Exodus-Transformations to freedom, holiness, and Torah
* Leviticus-Food and sacrifice, health and the body, sexuality, the power of words
* Numbers-Creating community in timesof transition
* Deuteronomy-Leadership, law, and revisioning the future
With a rich diversity of voices, the contributors show us how to understand the power of biblical texts, and then how to use those texts to find our own connections of self, spirit, and community.
Introductions by Orenstein and Litman offer a broader context for the concepts explored in each section, and an afterword provides further advice on Engaging with Torah, including a section on how to create a midrash. In a personal, insightful, and creative style, Lifecycles, V. 2 opens opportunities for us to grow from the intersection of the texts of our heritage and the lessons of our lives.


SKU (ISBN): 9781580230193
Editor: Debra Orenstein
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 1998
Publisher: Jewish Lights Publishing


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