Letters To Pope Francis


Even before we started on our pilgrimage, the idea that I should write about the experience, however that turned out, insinuated itself. I indulged the thought, allowing it to tantalize me with the promise of the challenge and ultimately, the joy and fulfilment that come at the end of every chase. Already I imagined what it would demand of me: copious notes, research, interviews, conceptualizing and planning the angle of approach – the whole enchilada. In other word – hard work and long hours – and lots of it. And of course, the sheer pleasure of doing it and the deep satisfaction when it is done. Initially, my intention was simply to share any meaningful event that might present itself any time during the religious journey; or even sketches of the more interesting members of the “Marian Pilgrims of Bishop Raul Martinez,” as we felicitously called ourselves. We were after all visiting the very sites of Mama Mary’s apparitions; some very remarkable things were bound to happen. Before we left on the pilgrimage, I had an intimate talk with Fr. Joe, my Spiritual Advisor, on the possible effects on a person who visits the apparition sites of the Blessed Virgin Mary. He said, “Rudy, the unfavourable press heaped upon the Church has caused some followers to move to other Christian congregations, or reject any form of organized religion, or worse, question the existence of God. “A personal spiritual encounter, which may include private revelation, is sometimes the best way to fortify oneself from the insidiousness of the attacks on the Church of Jesus Christ. The faithful who maintain an intimate relationship with the Lord are His Church. There seems to be a misconception that the doors, the windows, the pews, even the steeple on the roof, are the Church. “Rudy, you and I are the Church of Christ. We have a Magisterium under the leadership of the Pope to guide our teachings. Errors committed by the clergy in the interpretation of church teachings are put aright by the Magisterium. “It is unbelievable Rudy – the number of people who have been set on the road to a more intense relationship with Jesus Christ through the Blessed Mother,” Fr. Joe concluded. I carried his words with me with guarded expectation of anything out of the ordinary. A more awe-inspiring sight cannot be seen than the thousands upon thousands of people who gathered to receive the blessing of the Bishop of Rome, Pope Francis. It was not rare to hear from those who had been in the self-same place


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