Lectures To My Students


Charles Spurgeon (1834-1892) was an English Baptist minister, famous as the Prince of Preachers.

One of the most eloquent men of his day, Spurgeon started charities, fought against liberalism, and endured depression with laughter and joy.

He was one of those rare theologians who lived a life of sacrifice while also enjoying good food and a fine cigar. However, the center of Spurgeon’s ministry was preaching the Gospel and changing hearts, and these lectures for aspiring pastors never forgets the center of the ministry: love for Christ and for the lost.

This book contains Spurgeon’s unabridged Lectures to My Students (Volumes 1-3).

“You will surely laugh out loud as you read Spurgeon. And just as surely, you will find your sin skewered, your faith reinforced, and your wisdom nourished. But there is something more: Spurgeon was a man who embodied the truth that to be in Christ means to be made ever more roundly human, more fully alive. . . To read Spurgeon is to catch that fire and become more vivid.” ~From Michael Reeves’s Introduction


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Charles Spurgeon
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