Lectures Sur 1 Corinthien – (Other Language)


Chapter 8. Things Sacrificed To Idols
1. What Are The Things Sacrificed To Idols?
2. Spiritual Meaning Of ‘Not Eating Things Sacrificed To Idols’
3. All Things Are Of God
4. If We Keep Committing Sins Knowing It Is Sin…
5. What Should Be Done With Things Sacrificed To Idols?

Chapter 9. The Way Of The Apostle
1. He Did Not Make Use Of The Rights Of An Apostle
2. He Offered The Gospel Without Charge
3. He Made Himself A Slave To All
4. To Win, Run Like The Apostle!

Chapter 10. Do Everything For The Glory Of God
1. Be Baptized In The Clouds And In The Sea
2. The Sons Of Israel Were Destroyed For Acting Evil
3. God Provides The Way Of Escape For Every Test
4. Flee From Idolatry
5. The Literal Meaning Of Idolatry
6. Do Everything For The Glory Of God

Chapter 11. Concerning Spiritual Order
1. Be Imitators Of Me
2. Concerning Spiritual Order
3. Women Don’t Have To Cover Their Head
4. The Reason Why Contentions And Strife Arise
5. True Meaning Of Holy Communion

Chapter 12. Gifts Of The Holy Spirit
1. The Holy Spirit Lets Us Know The Lord Jesus
2. Various Gifts Of The Holy Spirit
3. We Are The Body Of The Christ
4. The Order In The Church

Chapter 13. Spiritual Love
1. Spiritual Love And Fleshly Love
2. Even With Great Power And Faith
3. Spiritual Love
4. What We Need In Heaven Forever Is Love

Chapter 14. Prophecy And Tongues
1. You Have To Have Love Before You Can Receive Spiritual Gifts
2. Praying In Tongues, The Language Of Spiritual Prayer
3. Comparisons Of Tongues And Prophecy
4. Do Everything For The Purpose Of Edification
5. The Spiritual Meaning Of Women Having To ‘Keep Quiet In The Church’
6. All Things Must Be Done Properly And In An Orderly Manner

Chapter 15. Resurrection
1. The Resurrected Christ
2. What I Am Is By The Grace Of God
3. To Say That There Was No Resurrection
4. Christ Is The First Fruits
5. Baptism For The Dead
6. Each One’s Glory Is Different In The Kingdom Of Heaven
7. Resurrection Of The Dead
8. We Will All Be Changed At The Last Trumpet

Chapter 16. The Attitude Of Mature Christians
1. How Offerings Are To Be Given
2. Obeying The Guidance Of The Holy Spirit
3. Be In Subjection To Everyone Who Helps In The Work And Labors

Additional Info
The believers in the church of Corinth had many conflicts and problems in leading a life in faith because Corinth at the time of Paul was a busy city with many people from various cultures and diverse ethnic backgrounds and the population worshipped a number of different gods. To help them lead a mature Christian life, the apostle Paul gave them biblical answers to such questions and problems.
This book explains how modern believers should understand and practice the matters related with strife, evangelism, marriage, idolatry, and the spiritual gifts.


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